Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi is an International Trainer Trainer with the Guild of Energists

The Love Clinic Retreat with Sandra Hillawi

Cairo Egypt | 29-30 September 2017

Love Yourself and Others

29-30 September 2017 Egypt

with Sandra Hillawi and The Love Clinic


Loving Yourself  We all know that loving ourselves is the key to love and happiness in all areas of life. But why is that? and just how do we do that? And how much time do you spend actually loving yourself? When you are low and there's no-one around to help lift you up? Can you be that person to yourself? To love yourself back to wholeness and oneness?

This workshop will teach you how. It is a chance to spend time on you and this important relationship with yourself. With warmth compassion and wisdom Sandra Hillawi will guide you to deeper understanding, connection and love with yourself through different areas of focus in your life with hands-on practical exercises to do yourself and with the help of a partner. 

The sessions will explore :

  • The Why and How of Loving Yourself
  • From Heart Break to Heart Power
  • Transformation Tools for your Emotions
  • From Guilt and Judgement to Forgiveness and Love
  • Compassion for Your Past 
  • The Unsung Hero - Your Moment Has Come
  • YES Language -  Self Talk That Lifts You Up
  • Loving Your Body
  • Future Me - Connecting with Your All Loving Real Self

Loving Others The second part of The Love Clinic Retreat focusses on our relationships with others, and the world around us. Tailored to the needs of the group we will explore the energy dynamics of successful relationships and understand why relationships fail. We will take time to heal and remove obstacls to love and restore love and happiness in our important relationships with friends, family, partners.

We will expand to explore our relationship with the world around us and grow our connection and compassion. From Soul Mates to Money, from Compassion to Deepening our relationship with nature. This is a great chance to Practice your EMO skills personally and professionally, to evolve, to learn and to grow.

We will explore the following topics

  • The Energy Secrets of Successful Relationships and Why Relationships Fail
  • From Judgement to Empowerment
  • Healing and Forgiving the Past
  • From Expections and Longing to Gratitude and Closure
  • Attraction Energy - Be The Flame and not the Moth  
  • Shields and Barriers
  • Accessing the Wisdom of Nature
  • Changing Others Through Love and Compassion
  • Making Other People Happy 
  • Celebration of Love

Workshop is open to everyone, professionals and non professionals alike who have attended either EMO or a Love Clinic Workshop.

The Love Clinic Retreat  Fee To Be Confirmed when venue is confirmed  includes 2 days workshop and attendance certificate. The Love Clinic Book 250le  

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Advance Registration

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By WhatsApp +44 2392433928 



Sandra Hillawi
  •  Passion for Health
  •  Gosport, Hampshire, England
  •  Elagouza, Giza, Egypt
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