Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi is an International Trainer Trainer with the Guild of Energists

Healing With Love with Sandra Hillawi

Zoom Online International | 18 October - 6 December 2019


Healing With Love Online Course 


Making space and taking time for Love

How often do we sit and spend time in love and sharing love, directing it to the places in us that are in need? Its something that is so simple, so so powerful so beautiful and so needed.

In the last online course of 8 weeks, I had the pleasure of a lovely group to make this journey with and after a beautiful conclusion in thanks and love. One thing we all agreed on was how precious the time was spent on loving ourselves.

The next class begins on Friday 18th October 2019 8 pm UK time and will continue for 8 weeks

It's a personal development course suitable for anyone who is experiencing:
♥ stress related physical symptoms
♥ painful emotions
♥ suffering in any area of life
♥ heart ache or heart break
♥ psychosomatic pain
♥ an absence of love in life 
♥ or who just wants to hang out in a love bubble because it feels great

During this time I share with you my knowledge, experience and guidance for healing with love. Not only can you change your experience of pain, but you can explore and understand its origins. Step by step, together with the healing power of the group lead by myself, plus some homework, you can do the healing work you need to do to evolve.

Plus there is immense value in sitting in, feeling and giving and receiving love deeply each week in its own right.

Course details ....

Healing Pain With Love 8 Week Course

♥ Module 1 Your Adventure Begins

Understanding your pain and symptoms
Time for Healing Pain with Love
Faster and better results

♥ Module 2 Your Personal Healing Journey

Plotting your own Timeline of events
Revealing your energy matrix
Time for Healing
Going beyond peace to happiness and love

♥ Module 3 Healing Your Heart

How to heal your heart breaks
Time for healing
Raising the vibration of love even higher
Heart Healing Poetry

♥ Module 4 The Ocean of Love

Becoming Aware of The Ocean
Bathing in Love and Light
Allowing Love and Light to Shine onto the Pain
Time for Sharing

♥ Module 5 and 6 Group Healing

The Healing Power of The Group Energy
Identifying The Focus for Healing
Experiencing Being The Focus of Healing With Love
Time for Sharing

♥ Module 7 Energy Constellations

When Its not Only You, Its Them
Evolving Group and Family Dynamics
Time for Healing Pain with Love

♥ Module 8 Celebration of Healing

Healing The Pains of The World
Your Healing Stories, Poetry, Songs and Art
Celebration of Love
Ceremony and Your Next Steps

Price £297
Registration by 11 October £247
2nd time round 50% off

Don't let limited budget stop you joining if you want to join us
Concessionary places and payment plans available please enquire ♥

Get started on a healing journey with love by booking on the next 8 week course starting 18th October

Course fee includes:
♥ 8 Live workshops on Zoom lead by Sandra
♥ Meeting announcements and reminders
♥ Replays if you miss a meeting
♥ Your personal journey of transformation

Registrations to Sandra Hillawi
Register By 11th October to save £50
Payments by bank transfer, paypal or card.



Sandra Hillawi
  •  Passion for Health
  •  Al Rehab, Cairo, Egypt
  •  Radstock, Somerset, England
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