Sandra Hillawi


Sandra is a much loved as a trainer and coach, exuding warmth and wisdom, love and compassion gained through being a living example of the methods she teaches and the experience of 20 years of helping and teaching others achieve emotional healing and transformation. 

Training people in Modern Energy is Sandra's second career, having started out with a BSc Hons in Physics from Manchester University, England. This was followed by a first career in Computing until Sandra discovered natural healing in 1998. Finding her vocation at last Sandra set out to help people heal themselves in Mind Body and Spirit, through diet, detoxification and emotional healing. Eventually specialising in the Third Field of Modern Energy, Sandra's client practice evolved and her training career took off as she is now an International Trainer in Modern Energy, teaching and facilitating the inner journey back to love for her clients using modern Energy methods. 

Sandra has been the top Trainer for the International Guild of Energists since it’s foundation and her book The Love Clinic has transformed relationships and lives creating lasting happiness for those who have applied the steps within through the book, the workshop or the video course.

For your own inner emotional journey, navigating and overcoming the challenges of your life, Sandra is an authentic, compassionate, master facilitator to help you get back on track. For your professional journey in energy methods and mastery to help your own clients, Sandra is world class!


Working With Sandra 


Contact Sandra for

  • Private coaching consultations and energy work to improve your emotional wellbeing, relationships and your life 
  • Self help workshops and professional trainings in all the courses of The Guild of Energists
  • Including MSM Modern Stress Management, Modern Energy Tapping-EFT, E.M.O. Energy In Motion, SuperMind, Star Matrix
  • Monthly Personal and Professional Development Groups
  • Healing Retreats in Egypt
  • The Love Clinic Book and Online Course



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Sandra Hillawi is a GoE Trainer Trainer, so is qualified to teach many of these qualifications as well as teaching the GoE Trainer course: