Modern Energy Healer - Distance Learning with Sandra Hillawi

Email and Video Course | 15 Jan 2024 - 31 May 2024

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Modern Energy Healer Course

Eight Week Journey of Love and Healing with Sandra Hillawi 

Starting January 2024 for 8 weeks
Video Course with Email Tutor Support from Sandra Hillawi

Suitable for Distance Learning

Help yourself, friends, family and clients if you already a professional. 

Learn and practice the beautiful art of healing with the energy of love

through different ways of touching and healing the energy body

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1. Your Extraordinary Energy Body

2. The Energy Touch

3. Giving and Receiving The Gift of Healing

4. The Beautiful Touch

5. Touching The Matrix and The Royal Touch

6. Healing in The Energy Universe and The Laying on of Hands

7. Energy Constellations and Distant Healing

8. Soul Healing and Soul Connection

Addendum Healing with Love


This course has 8 weeks of Video Tutorial content with time to practice with family and friends.

You can go at your own pace, emailing your experience and receiving feedback or join a weekly live zoom with Sandra to keep up to speed over the 8 weeks.


"I’ve really been enjoying your videos - they really bring everything alive and I love the energy of them and as always enjoying the simplicity of Silvia’s manual. Even when I watch you on video I can feel your energy touch as if I were there, so I definitely know there is no distance for love to travel. Thank you Sandra for these precious gifts, look forward to the next chapter x  JW  UK"

"Wow what a course, I was at a bump in the road , and i heard about the energy healing course ,i was not disappointed it was a wake-up call, like an update healing software package lol with a few home truths and plenty of exercises. It left me feeling like I had been updated energetically ,I recommend this course with Sandra, who is very understanding and an excellent practitioner. Cheers again. Brilliant!"  P.Smith UK 

"It was a nice change of pace to not just follow the set hand positions taught in Reiki, and to just trust the process of following the client’s direction of where the hands need to go. The shift in energy was easier and more direct and the session was much quicker as a result. My partner noted and loved being more involved and having a say in the direction of the session. He noted that the healing felt more targeted and therefore more comforting and healing in a sense."   CJooste South Africa

 A beautiful andmost enjoyable rewarding course.... healing with love


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The Perfection and Simplicity
of the touch of the hand ...

Taking the concept of the "healing touch" to a whole new level:

It's the Modern Energy Healer

"Hands Of Power"


"I took my partner's 87 year old mother's left hand (very arthritic) in mine and gently touched it.

"She burst into tears and said, "No one has ever touched me like this ..."


The Healing Touch

We all need so much more love - and we all have so much more love inside of us that needs to flow!

Experience the untold power of joy in giving and receiving healing on a whole new level - direct, hands on healing powered by MODERN energy in this beautiful two day course.


"You are the gift

that only you

would have to give ..."

You have it in your power to change the world through your touch.

You may be a channel through which universal energies flow but...

You are also a unique individual, bringing all your life, all your times, all your loves to the party.

You are far, far more powerful than you ever allowed yourself to think that you could be.

With Modern Energy, you can step into your own true birthright as a person who changes the world with the lightest touch, the touch of love.

Modern Energy Healing - A Transformative Experience

This course goes beyond personal transformation. Watch the video of new Modern Energy Healers providing their course feedback:

Welcome to a whole new world of MODERN energy healing!

This isn't healing for the sick body - this is life giving, transformational energy healing for your energy body.


Real, Powerful Healing

For Your Energy Body.

Your energy body is what powers you through life.

Your energy body is what attracts experiences and opportunities you will be having.

Your energy body is the power behind recovery, restoration, healing and pure ENERGY FOR LIFE.

Your energy body holds the key to what you feel, what you think and what you do.

Your energy body is waiting, has been waiting for so long that it may feel like forever, for someone to come along and touch it in the right way, so that it may unfold, evolve, rise, become radiant as it was always designed to be.

Awaken the magical healer within with MODERN energy -

love filled, life filled but most of all, the real YOU.

In this wonderful experiential weekend workshop, you will learn ...

How to prepare for healing - in MODERN Energy, there is no healing crisis. There is only HEALING that feels wonderful, feels freeing, feels like you are finally coming home to yourself.

How to raise power for healing - totally heart centred, entirely driven by love, gentleness, care and compassion, find out how it feels to get ready for real energy healing!

Unlocking Your 6th Sense - This is the master key to real Modern Energy healing, and this is what makes energy healing real. We say, "It's only real when you can FEEL it's real!" No more waffle, no illusions, no hallucinations, no need to try and "believe" in anything - you will be able to see, hear, and most of all, feel when your healing is really happening!

How to find true confidence and certainty in healing - no guess work, no hallucinations, no nonsense, we don't have time for that! This is is the MODERN era of REAL energy healing!

No "one shoe fits all techniques" and no prescribed symbols - in MODERN Energy, we work with real energy, what is really there, in real time! (That's why it really works, and produces real healing!)

Wonderful NEW flexible approaches to helping ourselves and others evolve to the next level - Yes, we have Hands of Power, but these are also capable of delivering The Gentle Touch, The Royal Touch, The Loving Touch and so much more!

Beautifully gentle, exquisite experiences based on the solid foundations of The Laws of Modern Energy that will build YOUR healing confidence, clarity and delight, step by step.

YOUR giving, YOUR receiving - you are precious, unique and deserve to be the entire focus of this outstanding, truly MODERN approach to real energy body healing. There are no martyrs here, no need to ever take on anyone else's pain. Instead, we heal with love and are inspired and uplifted by our healing.

Natural, organic and profound - our energy bodies are alive and waiting to be actualised, and we can only do this by going with the flow, in a natural, powerful way, which is how the really real world works! (It's not a clockwork universe!!! And we're not robots or soldiers all standing in line!!!)

Exciting and inspiring - We touch so many things, all the time, every day and we can bring our hands of power "to work" in blessing and uplifting literally everything we touch! Our Hands of Power really do shape our lives - we make our lives with them. It is high time we really turned them on!!!

Safe and secure in a true circle of healing - In Modern Energy, there is no need to be afraid. What we do is inherently different from the old ways of trying to torture folk into enlightenment. A tree only grows strong in bright sunshine. An energy body only grows strong when it is loved and cared for! All our exercises, methods and experiences are there to help your energy body start to shine!

***** Please! Bring your burdens!

Everyone's energy body has been carrying all sorts of burdens for far too long. It has been misunderstood, ignored, and is in need of gentle, profound release and then, revitalisation as energy starts to flow more powerfully again.

Please bring the burdens you no longer want to carry. We will help you to experience the lifting you will feel when you leave them behind.

The Magic Of Touch Unlocks

The Love Of Life Itself.

Supported by all of life exploding into spring, with powerful Earth energies and glorious gardens to support our journey into the magic of real MODERN energy healing, a truly transformational time in your life awaits!

We welcome everyone of all ages and all experience levels who have a sincere and heartfelt desire to unlock the profound powers of their own heart, mind and soul to become a true MODERN energy healer - a person who can change the world with their touch.

Unit 1: Meet YOUR Extraordinary Energy Body!

Oceans Of Energy: Life In The Energy Universe

Connecting With Your Sixth Sense

Discovering The Power Centres & Power Lines In YOUR Energy Body

Flowing Energy & The Laws of Energy

Hands of Energy - Touching The Energy Body

Re-Defining What "Healing" Really Means

Inspiration, Power & The Happy Energy Body

The Heart of Gold In Modern Energy Healing


Unit 2: Revealing The Magical Healer Within

Releasing Shields & Barriers To Being A True Healer

Releasing Blocks & Reversals So Energy Can Flow Freely

Raising Energy For Healing

Confidence & Intuition

Finding The RIGHT Energy To Raise

The Star Seed Principle

The Gentle Touch


Unit 3: Giving AND Receiving

The Importance Of Being Able To Receive

Releasing Shields & Barriers To Receiving Love & Energy

Mother, Father & Child

Healing As A Gift For You

The Gift That Only You Would Have To Give

Giving & Receiving True Stars Of Healing


Unit 4: The Beautiful Touch

Energy Healing For The Shattered Self Image

Physical Confidence

Body Power

The 1st Circuitry

Loving & Being Loved

The X-Factor

Hands Of Power


Unit 5: Touching The Matrix

Powerful Intuition

Understanding The Messages Of Emotions

Touching The Matrix

The Crown Of Lights

The Creative Template

The Royal Touch


Unit 6: Healing In The Energy Universe

Healing The Past

Healing The Present

Healing The Future

Distance Healing In The Matrix

Magic Healing


Unit 7: Energy Constellations

Healing Relationships

Healing Family Systems

Empowering Entities

Creating Healing Energy Artefacts

The Love Principle


Unit 8: Soul Healing

Healing Beyond Words

Life Healing

Time Healing

Touching The Soul

The Blessing Of Touch


Certification Ceremony:

The MODERN Energy Healer

 Modern Energy Healer

This course has been created by

Silvia Hartmann, President of The Guild of Energists

Silvia Hartmann

Information on Membership

Annual membership of The Guild of Energists gives you a access to our Membersr Only Library,  downloadable Digital Energist Journal, access to the Facebook GoE Members support group, and monthly inspirational news and free downloads of talks and seminars from past GoE Energy Conferences.

GoE Professional Members may add Hands of Power to their private practice for one to one clients.

GoE Energist Trainers may additionally offer this Hands of Power Workshop Experience to their own communities.

Modern Energy Healer The Energy Healing Course is a great course to take for anyone who enjoys experiencing more love, and more loving and positive energy. The love and healing that I experienced for myself and for others was wonderful and I learned tools and approaches to energy healing, that I am able to use both in my work and in my personal life.

Sandra is a great facilitator/coach/mentor through this process and her feedback was always supportive, encouraging and insightful.

I would highly recommend this course.

Ellen Epstein

Modern Energy Healer I am so glad and eternally grateful that I joined the MEH course with Sandra. As a Trainer I thought I had learned everything from the GOE courses.

I have found MEH with Sandra is beautiful and amazing, adding a new dimension to my skills as a professional practitioner and Trainer. The weekly format, videos and live meet ups was great.

I also had some realisations in the course of the heavy burden I have been carrying. My heart was broken 6 years ago and I ignored what was happening to my soul. I managed to lighten my load during the course of the journey. It's never too late to heal the energy body. Thank you Sandra for your patience, love and professionalism. Lorna Firth GoE Trainer

Well I thought this beautiful course couldn't get even better, but the energetic content within each module is absolutely brilliant with practical authentic feedbacks demonstrating the beauty and simplicity of working with energy. So many easy and enjoyable ways to implement healing and make improvement in all areas of your life. So simple a child could do this. I certainly will be utilising this energetic beautiful powerful techniques again. Many thanks for the wonderful course, I have really enjoyed it! Robert McBeth

Thank you so much for this course. It was amazing and even though I did not attend live I have watched every video and I shall watch them again to learn even more. I found this an invaluable tool for modern living, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn. With a lot going on in my life at the moment this knowledge and skills will be invaluable to me and I look forward to even more opportunities to use my new healing skills.

It was wonderful to see you on the videos and to feel your soft and gentle energy. Saxon Knight

It's been a lovely course Sandra, shame it has to end. And Module 8, The Soul, it was so beautiful to touch my soul and feel it expand. This Soul exercise feels like it solves all my problems. Its a short cut for Love of the Self. I'm feeling empowered, more complete, more whole. Every module was amazing simple tools to use and so gentle, so lovely and insightful. Esther McGaw

A wonderful course to explore. I love every module especially the last one, healing our soul, a beautiful experience to have. Each module is guiding us to have our simple tool, our healing hands. The pace for the course is just perfect. We have one week apart to explore each module, to watch the video and practice before the live meet ups. Sandra is just wonderful, thank you so much Sandra! Christine Chari.

I found the Energy Healing material groundbreaking and life changing. Just the concept of raising love energy and then "touching" another to effect healing is simple and profound. And you are wonderful in explaining and demonstrating concepts and warm and inviting to everyone to share personal experiences. Hearing how others are applying concepts and processes also helps in the learning. Thank you for a wonderful journey and experience, I welcome the opportunity to take the course again, thank you. David Ingvoldstad

Sandra Hillawi's MEH Course Students

Brenda Dutertre, GoE Energy Trainer The Modern Energy Healer course was everything I could have wished for!! The simple but powerful techniques and exercises are brilliant and so easy to use. The mere act of exchanging energy with focused touch is absolutely mind blowing.

It was my greatest honour to be taught by Silvia Hartmann. Who better to learn from than the creator of this marvellous course? Silvia’s passion for Modern Energy is contagious - I can ‘t wait to teach this course and use it in my practice. Thank you again, Silvia. ❤️

Brenda Dutertre, GoE Energy Trainer

Olga Yakovleva, student of GoE Trainer Katerina Kalchenko I took this course twice!

First time it was in September 2017 and second time in December 2017. Both times my trainer was Katerina Kalchenko. She is a wonderful trainer, very attentive and very openhearted. She goes deep into the topic and charges everybody with her +10 energy). It's a great pleasure to be her student.

The most amazing thing is that I have got absolutely different experiences from both courses. But these experiences have fulfilled each other. On the second time i have noticed some things which i didn't learn first time.

When i took course in September maybe I wasn't ready enough and was focused on terms and techniques more.
But second time I was able to relax and could feel all the beauty and miracle of MEH. The most amazing experience for me is how we can feel the energy in our body and other people bodies, how we can heal the energy body with our energy hands. We have learned how to make beauty (beauty touch) and this technique had a great effect on me.

I enjoyed such units as 'energy gifts' and 'energy entities' also. It was so exciting to give energy gifts to each other and receive them with gratitude. And it was very surprising that everyone of us have received exactly what we needed. And the unit "Healing with love" touched my heart a lot.

In general MEH course has changed my life totally and it will never be the same. And i am very happy of this.
Now I know how to help myself and my relatives and friends. I would recommend everybody to take MEH course more than once. You could go deeper and discover all the breathtaking miracles of energy healing.

Olga Yakovleva, student of GoE Trainer Katerina Kalchenko

Modern Energy Healer I attended the course on Modern Energy Healing at the very end of December in Estonia, my trainer was Katerina Kalchenko.

Well, it was my first experience in such kind of events and it was extraordinary!!! As for the first day I felt some inner confrontation and resistance I guess because the training was groundbreaking!!! But then everything was just fine and I felt peace deep inside. And the main thing is that I felt like the time just stopped and it was generous ever-lasting present moment and it was the most profound experience I have ever had. It is indescribable!

Katerina was at her best ,10 out of 10 , she is such an amazing woman, she is very committed! She is the best!

Alyona Krymskaya, MEH Student of GoE Trainer Katerina Kalchenko

Katerina Kalchenko I highly recommend this course! Beautiful trainer, breathtaking location, useful information, life-changing experience!

Katerina Kalchenko

Debra Byers My overall impression of the course is that it was a “wonderful two days; full of love, light and laughter in a beautiful environment and confirming what I had been thinking for many years, is that we all have the ability to heal within us and we don’t need symbols or attunements to effect some really helpful changes in people.

Highlights: blimey, so many: connecting with beautiful people from all over the world; and probably the creative template….that connection with the “true, authentic person”; the royal touch….that physical feeling that my neck had stretched and that my body was actually in the position it should be in and feeling taller with my shoulders back. And after another insight I got from a childhood memory connected tomy shoulder pain, my shoulder is now free from tension too"

Debra Byers

Emily Pearson I just wanted to thank you for an awesome couple of days learning about my hands of power and developing my intuition, skills and healing hands.

It was truly a beautiful experience and I'm honoured to have shared the loving, healing space with some amazing people and energies.
I experienced a number of significant shifts over the 2 days and am so thankful to you and the other wonderful souls who helped to facilitate those shifts.
It was a very powerful course that has undoubtedly made such a positive impact on my energy body

For me, I have made such invaluable connections within myself as well as with some Beautiful people and I know that this will only strengthen as I practise the skills learned from this course.

So much of the course has touched my soul and made a huge difference to me. The beautiful touch helped me to heal some painful blocks, which was then enhanced by further work on day 2 with the royal touch and the inner child to facilitate a huge healing shift for me personally.

As an EEFT practitioner, I can really see how the hands of power can enhance the tapping and bring some fast, long lasting results for my clients, I will definitely be looking to integrate the techniques into my practice.

Please pass on my thanks to Clare and John for their hospitality at Sedgwick Park, I'm sure the environment we were able to practise in, added to the experience of healing and love.
I truly feel priveleged to have met, participated and connected with you all. It was a very special love energy bubble which I will never forget.

Emily Pearson

Sandra Hillawi
GoE Trainer Trainer Thanks to Sandra Hillawi for explaining so passionately why she loves the GoE Modern Energy Healer course

Sandra Hillawi GoE Trainer Trainer

Modern Energy Healer A journey of self-discovery, beautifully written by Silvia, sensitively presented by Sandra and held in the most enchanting of settings.

Inspirational, motivational, uplifting and totally empowering - what an amazing way to spend a weekend - just wish it could have been longer!

Su Martin

Modern Energy Healer The simple truth of healing from Love resonates within us, our souls sing, hearts expand & so begins the magic of making the world a better place. With love and thanks Silvia for creating the course & the opportunity for us to grow into the people we were always meant to be...

Lynda Aiken GoE Professional Member

Janet Deane I loved the love that was given and received from everyone on this course, it was very special.

Thank you Sandra Hillawi for your passion that you shared this course from, Silvia Hartmann for sharing your creative spirit and Clare Davison for creating such a place of love that only love can be experienced.

Love allows all things, accepts all things, embraces all things, love trusts all things and therefore transcends all things.

Janet Deane

Modern Energy Healer Course feedback from students at the inaugural GoE Modern Energy Healer training written by Silvia Hartmann and presented by Sandra Hillawi.

This event took place 13th & 14th May 2017 at Sedgwick Park UK.

Sandra Hillawi
GoE Trainer Trainer It is a beautiful course, thank you Silvia Hartmann for your genius once again.

Easy and beautiful to teach, the trainers videos are also excellent preparation, and I also had a chance to participate myself... so I got some nice healing events and special moments working with participants too.

I especially liked the Beautiful Touch with Energy Hands.. and the Energetic Entities Constellation Experience ... and The Royal Touch was awesome and... and ... it was all beautiful.

How could it not be... with Hands and Hearts of Love.

Sandra Hillawi GoE Trainer Trainer

Wendy Fry Thank you for a fabulous weekend with Sandra Hillawi learning the first ever ‘Modern Energy Healing Training’.

The units I enjoyed the most were ‘Giving and Receiving the Gift of Healing’, best of all Receiving Nature Energy. Touching the Matrix and working with ‘The Creative Template’ showed me all I am capable of when I step into the future aspect of myself and all she can achieve. Energy Constellations and ‘The Healing Relationship Experience’ offered many insights into my relationship with money which really did need some spring cleaning as well as healing.

I’ve come away not only receiving what I feel to be deep healing of a personal bereavement, I also feel empowered to share this beautiful training with others. Modern Energy Healing will blow your mind with its simplicity and ease of use for yourself, by yourself and or with others.’’ Wendy Fry, GoE Professional Member, soon to be Trainer

Wendy Fry